Summer Newsletter 2015  


Manager’s Musings

I have been struggling to add as many email addresses as possible to get news to you. I have 275 addresses on the mailing list and will send this out today to those people. Some may be dated, and I will replace them. But I think it is the way to go, certainly cost-wise. A click of a button and it is on many screens. I hope you will print it, so that it will be handy for future reference. The fine summer weather is here! Enjoy it while it lasts!


Board of Directors-2015-2016

A special welcome to Chuck Naphan to our board. Hal Wilson remains as President, Sam Brady as Vice-president, Bob Burns as Treasurer, and James Hurst as Secretary. Other Board members: Anya-Deane Best, Tim McKinney, Dean Burns, Adam Zegouras, Mark Fluhrer, Elaine Tausendfreund, and Ryan Williams. We will meet once in the summer, and again in September. If you have any concerns, or suggestions, do not hesitate to bring them to one of us. Special thanks to Seppo Nousiainen for his service over the years.


Our New Bar Fridge!

The old fridge gave out on us about a month ago. It served us well for almost 40 years. Our friends at Trent Valley Distributors helped us lug the new fridge upstairs, and took the old one out. Special thanks to Mike from Funk and Gruven for his expertise, and muscle. Bob Burns, Dean Burns, Rob Alexander, and Grant Freestone aided in the project. I know the bar staff will appreciate the change!



Hello wine lovers!

Have I got a trip for you! July 25 a whirlwind wine day! Depart Belleville 9:30am, and visit 4-6 wineries, picnic lunch with an executive Chef, Sommelier led tastings, Charcuterie break, more wine, passport to Canada, All Canadian wine tasting at the Crystal Palace. Wrap up BBQ with live music at the Crystal Palace and back to Belleville around 9pm. Cost: TBA (roughly $140 all wine samples, bus, tickets to All Can. Tasting, lunch and dinner etc.) just finalizing some details. We need 20 people to make this fly! (the more the merrier!) Are you interested? I need a firm financial commitment (of course when I firm up the price) by July 12. Let me know if I should reserve your spot? Angela Braun 613-922-6265


Single Malt Society-July 30.

At our last tasting of the season, we agreed that we wanted to gather in an informal way and celebrate summer. The Belleville Club is available for us on Thursday July 30th. We can meet six-ish and it will be potluck so very casual. Everyone plan to bring something for which they are famous! If it turns out to be all desserts -YUM! This will be fun and easy but I do need to know numbers so check your calendars and get back to me if you will be joining us on the 30th. We can also review the questionnaire and discuss the results then, If you have not filled it out yet, it is on the Facebook page. Belleville Single Malt Society. Check it out if you have not already done so. So, check your busy summer schedules and just let me know if you will be joining in the summertime fun. Your offering can remain a surprise. I am bringing my Antipasto Salad. You may call the Club to register as well: 613-962-1239. Karen Palmer.


Centennial Member Celebration Night! July 23rd.

One of our members, Matt Brown, has arranged for a special evening on the 23rd of July. The MacKinnon Brothers Brewery will be on hand to offer a sampling of their product with us. We will also have all of our other products for you as well, including County Wines! Another of our members, Tony McGarvey, ensures that there will be Cheezies for everyone too! New members will receive their long-anticipated Centennial Member Certificates, prepared by Sean Patriquin from "they". All members welcome! RSVP James by phone, by email, by whatever.



Men's Stag: Past and Future.

I now realize the date I chose for the last stag was a bad choice. We did get 50 guests, and they all had a great time. The food was wonderful, thanks to Nelson Bridger from the Batawa Ski Club; we did have 100 names on the board, and many of those prizes were won by members who supported the Club, but could not attend. Too many graduation ceremonies, too much other stuff going on. Our next stag will be Thursday, October 1st. Please make a commitment to come. Buy your tickets early, so that we can give the chef the exact number of meals to order.


Our Staff! A Note of Thanks!

We are most grateful to the efforts of our staff. Most recently, we have been pleased to have Tara working with Grant, Becca, Leah, Whitney, and Carrie. I will continue to respond to all requests for bookings and other Club messages, even from Fort Myers. We encourage members to use the Club for all types of functions. It works for all of us.

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