Summer Newsletter 2013 

 Manager's Musing

I sincerely hope that you will read this in its entirety before discarding. After
all, it is your club. There will be items of interest to you, hopefully to your
benefit. The most critical issue facing the Club at this time is accessibility. Our
chair lift gave up the ghost almost a year ago. We applied for a Federal Government
grant. Our application was accepted, but no funds were available. We plan to go for
this on our own. We have received $ 4 000 in donations from three members. We need
as much help as you can provide in this endeavour. It is critical to the Club. Some
of our members need the chair lift, occasionally. Several bookings at the Club have
been cancelled, when the prospective client has learned that we are not currently
accessible on the second floor. For these reasons, we are moving ahead with a
variety of fund-raising activities, under the umbrella of "Centennial Projects".

One Hundred Years 1914-2014!!

In late May, 1914, a group got together to discuss the possibility of the formation
of a private club in Belleville. We received the word from the Province of Ontario
that we could start doing business in April, 1914. Since that time, the Club has
enjoyed one hundred years of interesting history.

Sincere Condolences

The Club extends condolences to the family of Wally Ellis. Wally was a valuable Club
member for many years, and served on our board. She enjoyed organizing social events
at the Club.

After the Rockfest!!

Many of you attend the annual Rockfest at the Empire in July. The shows conclude
before 11:00pm, a little early for the night to end. The Club will be your next
stop! Doors open at 10:30pm, and the band will be ready. Ten dollar admission at the
door! A great way to close out the evening! Support the Club. Bring your friends!

The Board: 2013-2014

A special welcome to the Board to Club member Seppo Nousiainen. Hal Wilson will
continue to serve as president, Sam Brady as Vice-President, Bob Burns as Treasurer,
and James Hurst as Secretary/Manager. Brad Wilson, Dean Burns, Anya-Deane Best,
Elaine Tausendfreund, Ryan Williams, Adam Zegouras, Tim McKinney.






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